About Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is immersive multimedia that replicates an environment, real or imagined, and simulates the user’s physical presence to enable the user to interact with it. Potential of VR is practically limitless. Its application is vast and adaptable across industries. Whether it's building prototypes for buildings, automobile or of a new product; virtual training in corporate, healthcare and sports industries, development of new content, and games within the entertainment industry; conceptualisation and execution of interactive events; Virtual tours of historical sites, or even the way we shop; VR is going to transform the way industries and individuals communicate with each others and their surroundings.

About Experia 360

Experia360 specialises in developing content and apps for the Virtual reality platforms. In the world where virtual experiences are increasingly becoming more and more life-like, we aim to deliver quality content to enhance that experience across industries. Our team consists of those with an enriched expertise and experience within the VR, technology and content industry .We also intend and develop a content platform to host content from various sources, thus providing end to end VR services, right from conceptualization to display.

Our Mission

Build the best product, use business to inspire and implement strategies to solve real world problems

Our Vision

In the coming few years our vision is to be one of the best VR and AI based company across the Globe

Our Values

Hardwork, integrity, creative design and simple approach are our core values that we follow

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