Industrial Uses Of VR


Automotive industry in India is among the largest, having an annual production of over 20 million vehicles growing at a rate of 8.36 % and contributing to 7.1% of the GDP. Passenger car ownership is predicted to jump 775% in next 20 years. Buying a car is an extremely personal choice that is made with a lot of thought. Between so many options and variations the customer ends up choosing basis the limited information available primarily after suggestions from other users. Between the want to buy and making a decision on what to buy the actual experience often gets missed out.

Real Estates

The real estate market will be downsized by 57 billion USD. These funds are going to be relocated to cost effective ways of acquiring leads and customers. Here's where VR steps in. One can actually experience the feel of being in the home while checking out the view of each room as well as the positioning of each room. This turns the technology from just a sum of parts to memory makers. This also gives realtors an advantage of having a wider reach instead of spending large amounts of time convincing the potential buyer.


Hospitality Industry, especially hotels, are based on the experiences they have to offer. Virtual Reality offers a new platform to engage current and potential guests and showcase the nest they have to offer. It is not just browsing through the pictures but one can actually see the whole environment that surrounds them. Hotels with VR facilities have shown a revenue increase of 135% over those without it.


Large or small, corporate or public, events essentially are based on the experiences. VR will give you an experience of actually being there and view the event in different angles. With wearable technology growing leaps and bounds and technology converging rapidly, virtual events promise to be as popular, if not more, as the live events. Vendor Demos in trade shows will drastically transform, thus improving the chance of acquiring the customer. In case of personal events such as weddings, those who are unable to make it to the ceremony can still be a part of the celebration. The resulting 360 degree video also forms a timeless memory that can be virtually relived several times.


Sports could use VR both for audience and players. VR helps the audience get an immersive experience of their favorite sports and get up close to the action. VR not only helps in duplicating the feel of a stadium but also enhance it, not just by a flat multi angle view. For instance if you want the view that an umpire or a player from the stand gets, you can switch to the view and enjoy experience
In case of players, VR can be used to practice, improve skills or acquire new ones. It also helps the player to be prepared for any possible situation during the live game. The player also gets an instant feedback on their performance and areas of improvement.


VR helps to develop a blended learning environment. It can help explain the theory in a better way via simulating complicated concepts in a simple manner. Also, in case of the physical absence of the instructor a virtual experience would help achieve the objective. It also helps identify and enhance various skill sets of the students. The increased engagement within the personal comfort zone also motivatesthestudents.Several virtualandphysical education institutions areofferingdiplomaand postgraduate courses in Virtual Reality within the content and design parts. Some of these include University of North Hampton in UK, University Utara Malaysia, Queensland University of Technology in Australia, Stanford University in America etc.


Healthcare uses VR to help the medical practitioners to learn new skills and refresh the old ones in a safe environment. VR allows doctors, nurses and other medical personnel duplicate real life surgery scenarios.Thisminimisesmedicalmistakes,bettertrainingandmakesitpossibleto correcterrors.VR also can be used as a diagnostic tool alongside the MRI scans, thus replacing the need for invasive surgeries and procedures. Multi speciality hospital trainees and medical college students could also use VR to get the feel of actually being in the operation theatre during the surgery and revisit the same to retain the concepts more effectively. It is also used in the field of telesurgery where the surgeon and the patient are in different locations


Using VR companies can test the products in early stages of development without creating several prototype versions, which can be time consuming and expensive. Virtual environments can also be used for holding meetings in case the participants are in different locations, corporate trainings and role playing scenarios.


Space is highly unpredictable and space stations have been the early adopters of the new and emerging technologies. VR can be used to simulate various scenarios in space. The scientists and astronauts use VR to also train to remotely stabilize the several devices they send out for space exploration.

VR Gaming

With Sony announcing the PS4 VR, the gaming industry is all set to embrace VR. It will drastically transformthelevel of engagement andinteractivitywithinthegame.Whileplayingagame,whatif youdon'tneedtorelyonanavataroraconsole?WithVR technology onecanactually beapartof the video games immersive experience. For instance while playing counter strike any other war simulated game, all you need to do is snap on the gear and scan through for the enemy by simply moving your head around. These games not only help entertain but also can be used in defense to create combat-like situations and yet be safe

VR Shopping

Instead of travelling from one shop to another in search for a perfect product or item, one can use VR to either take a virtual tour of the store and pick the chosen item from the store or buy it online. They can also shop virtually with their friends. Several product options which aren’t necessarily stocked in stores can also be experienced and purchased. In case of retail outlets, they can cater to a larger group of individual without bearing the additional stock expense. Ebay launched its first virtual reality store in Australia in partnership with Australian retailer, Myer.

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